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What’s different about the Packers now?

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What's different about the Packers now?

The bad news: I think the defense is going to have to keep us in the game. The good news: I think they can.

They certainly can. They did early in the first matchup, but the offense kept sending them back out there right away. Both sides have to do their part.

In the vikings game last week, i couldn’t help notice how the 49ers were covering up the screen passes so well even though the DL was still charging aggressively downhill and pressuring cousins. How are they able to do both? Something has to be open doesn’t it?

Great question. This 49ers defense is really fast. If something should be open on those plays, they’ll find it on the film. But fast defenses can make it look like there are 12 or 13 guys out there.

Hi Mike! Hope you are doing great. What do you think is more important to our success, Aaron Jones 100+ Rushing or Davante 150+ receiving?

If Jones can actually reach or challenge the 100-yard mark on the ground, that’ll bode really well for GB’s offense. That’ll make play-action, boots, etc., way more effective.

Jace Sternberger. First NFL touchdown this weekend. Book it.

His progress has been fun to watch. He’s a feisty young player.

49ers fans seem a little more defensive about this game than opposing team fans usually are. Like, they legitimately are offended that we think we have a chance. The editorials from papers out west seem to have the same tone as well. Have you sensed that too?

Hey Mike I’m going to my second nfc championship game. And third game overall both time I’ve been we lost. Hopefully this time it will be different! I hope to see you at the pep rally this weekend

Be sure to stop by and say hi.

Who will get the assignment to limit Kittle’s impact?

It’ll have to be a collective effort. Pettine’s MO is to always change up options and coverages and not let the opponent lock in on what you’re doing. The Packers had some communication breakdowns in that first SF game on defense and that’s another thing that’s changed for the better for this team since.

This game will be won or lost in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Always is, but especially true Sunday.

Most definitely. I also think it’ll be won or lost in the fourth quarter.

It’s refreshing going into an important game like this as healthy as the Pack is and has been all year (knock on wood). I’ve been saying over the last 3+ seasons that I just wanted to see how deep we can go with a healthy roster.

Everyone has been wondering that. Other than this recent flu bug, the Packers have benefited from great health this season. They’ve taken advantage of it so far and it needs to continue, because you don’t know when you’re going to get this much good fortune in the health dept. again.

Mike, do you get in on Za’Darius Smith‘s “winner take all” game on the plane?

Ha, no. Most of the year we’ve taken two planes, so our dept. is not on the same plane. We have taken just one big plane for the longer flights, but I don’t expect the hat to reach my seat.

Can we all pray that the refs let the players decide who wins this game

Good luck with that. Penalty-wise, last week’s crew tried to do just that at Lambeau, but there were still officiating issues to deal with.

First GB pick-six this weekend?

We’ve all been waiting for it.

On Aaron Jones 2nd TD, I saw Jake Kumerow blocked J. Clowney for a second. Packers receivers might be the best blockers in the NFL.

He didn’t have to do much, but he got the job done. That’s an example of you never know how a play is going to unfold as the formation, presnap stuff, etc., all sort themselves out.

Who of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Centennial Class were the biggest surprises snubs?

I was most disappointed Don Coryell didn’t get in. His offense with the Chargers back when I was a kid changed football. He deserves his place in Canton.

PFF has Sherman rated as the #1 CB in the NFL. At 31 years old and a ruptured Achilles. He is amazing.

He’s a superb player, and he’s played in plenty of big games.

Speaking of refs, what do we know about who we got this weekend?

A lot of folks asking about John Hussey. I haven’t had time to look anything up yet, so I apologize for that.

Play sound football in all three phases and win the turnover battle. Always a good recipe to win on the road.

Turnovers and red zone on both sides of the ball have been key for the Packers all season, and they rate better in those categories than the 49ers. Play to your strengths.

How do we get Lazard and Geronimo Allison more involved and open this week?

If Sherman is matched on Adams, then the other guys have to win their one-on-ones. Plain and simple.

Allen Lazard had a quiet day last Sunday. Do you think that was mostly due to his injury?

Well, he missed the whole second half. But he said Monday in the locker room he expects to be fine with his ankle.

Some of the throws Rogers coupled were reminiscent of MVP level where margin of error is 0. I think he is dialed in

He sure looked it vs. Seattle. Best collection of spot-on throws he’s made in a single game all season. More of that and the Packers will be right there in the end.

Off topic – Is there an asterisk next to the 2017 and 2018 world series?

There should be. Or just left blank in the history books, in my opinion.

I’d love to hear people start identifying this team as finishers rather than winning ugly. Beat the Niners and maybe it’ll gain traction.

I’ve been saying all year, and writing all year, about how the Packers have been the better team in the fourth quarter far more often than not. That’s how you win games in this league. Give it whatever definition or term you want, but it’s a winning formula. It’s rare to win a game in the first three quarters in the NFL, the last trip to SF notwithstanding. That’s the exception, not the rule. Stay in the game, give yourself a chance, and make the key plays. It’s worked to the tune of 14-3.

A certain old codger in South Carolina picked the Packers to win this Sunday. Let’s hope he’s right!

Wow. I’m surprised to hear that. I owe him a phone call.


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