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The mastermind of mediocrity in Dallas

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The mastermind of mediocrity in Dallas

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The success or failures of a team is usually put on the roster, head coach, or general manager alike. How does the Dallas Cowboys’ Jerry Jones fare?

The majority of sports franchises have owners that sit back and make decisions behind the scenes. They usually stay out of how the team is run, and simply put management in place.

The Dallas Cowboys are a different type of organization. Since current owner Jerry Jones bought the franchise back in 1989, he has had a major role in everything the team does, including becoming the GM only two months after buying the team.

Since that time, Dallas won three Super Bowls. The problem is the Cowboys haven’t had much success since their latest win in 1995. After 25 years of mediocrity in Dallas, can and should the Cowboys have a new owner?

Early Success

As soon as Jerry Jones took over the franchise, he immediately had a lot on his plate. He fired then-head coach, Tom Landry, and took over the role as general manager from Tex Schramm.

That offseason, he hired head coach and former Arkansas teammate, Jimmy Johnson, drafted Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman, and traded offensive lineman Steve Wisniewski for what would become nothing substantial.

That season also saw running back Herschel Walker get traded to the Minnesota Vikings, in what is one of the biggest trades in NFL history. It is what gave the Cowboys draft picks to claim running back Emmitt Smith and safety Darren Woodson.

That is probably the best single year for the Dallas Cowboys organization and one that would lead to a lot of success. Three years after those moves, the 1992 Cowboys would win their first Super Bowl in 15 years.

They would then go on to win two more in ’93 and ’95. Dallas would then lead the league in total Super Bowls won until the New England Patriots surpassed them. The Cowboys regular-season record from ’89-’95 is 68-44.

Jerry Jones: The mastermind of mediocrity in Dallas

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