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Terrell Owens sues storage company for selling his…

Terrell Owens sues storage company for selling his...

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In April, a storage company in Georgia sold the contents of a locker rented by Hall of Fame receiver Terrell Owens for $4,000. The company may now be spending a lot more than that.

According to SportsCollectorsDaily.com, Owens has sued Atlanta Peach Movers, Inc. for $1 million.

Owens contends that the storage company improperly kept and sold some of his memorabilia, including game-worn jerseys and other items, practice jerseys, helmets, and other equipment, trophies, awards, artwork, shoes, and more.

He leased the storage unit for the safekeeping of football memorabilia. Owens contends in the lawsuit that he thought he had settled his account and removed all of the property in 2014.

Owens claims that the storage company was “false and deceptive,” and that the company “unlawfully retained” and sold the items earlier this year, without Owens’ knowledge or consent.

When news of the sale of the items emerged in April, Owens told TMZ that he didn’t know that his property was being sold.

Terrell Owens sues storage company for selling his stuff

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