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Pros and Cons of the Dallas Cowboys recent…

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Pros and Cons of the Dallas Cowboys recent...

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The Dallas Cowboys finally made a move in releasing Jason Garrett from his contract. We just didn’t know they would find his replacement so fast.

The roller coaster ride of will the Dallas Cowboys keep Jason Garrett or will they let him go is finally over. It wasn’t only Garrett that was shown the door but defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli was not retained either.

Now that new head coach Mike McCarthy has been hired and new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan is coming with him, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these moves. Let’s start with the man in charge, McCarthy.

Mike McCarthy Pro’s

His pedigree as an offensive play-caller is the biggest benefit the Dallas Cowboys will get. His west-coast offensive scheme will be a big change for the Cowboys offensive players, but that offense consistently ranked in the top ten in scoring when McCarthy was calling the plays.

So look for him to have the ball coming out of quarterback Dak Prescott‘s hand quickly which will help the young quarterback with screens and quick slants to draw defenses in before going over the top for big plays.

He will bring more accountability and discipline to a team that got far too comfortable with the head coach. You won’t see players that seem to be more focused on their brands after a game and more players focused on winning and execution on the field.

If they don’t execute, they won’t be on the field. So those that wanted to see players held accountable, McCarthy is going to do that for you.

Another big thing that the Dallas Cowboys are getting from this signing is an analytics department. When Jason Garrett said that his team didn’t use analytics in games, Cowboys nation was up in arms.

Well, it’s rumored that McCarthy is planning on bringing in a large analytics team to help with in-game situations and to help prepare for games.

Pros and Cons of the Dallas Cowboys recent coaching changes

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