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Panel & Fans Vote on Vikings Best OL from 2010-19

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Panel & Fans Vote on Vikings Best OL from 2010-19

Steve Hutchinson, 2010-11

Stats from the Decade: 25 games (25 starts); one fumble recovery

“I did go with Steve Hutchinson at guard, and I don’t know that I had a great analytical reason for it other than to say, I’ll take [a Hall of Famer] for two years over anyone else.” – Kevin Seifert

“I did have Joe Berger in there. I mean, Hutchinson and Berger are the two that I had [at guard]. I like Berger, as well, for his versatility because he did play guard, and he did play center.” – Pete Bercich

Stats from the Decade: 107 games (64 starts) at G and C; one fumble recovery

Note: Berger made 35 of his 64 starts at either guard position.

“I’m going to use Joe Berger as one of my guards. With Joe, he was the right guard in the 2017 postseason, he started both those games [in the Divisional round and NFC Championship], 149 snaps.”

Stats from the Decade: 67 games (64 starts)

“My other guard is going to be Brandon Fusco, and here’s why: six seasons, [64] starts, two playoff starts, a full-time starter for Adrian Peterson during the 2012 MVP year; 3,752 snaps, and only 12 penalties. I know Steve Hutchinson can be mentioned in this for his two years, but I’m going to go with Fusco.”

Stats from the Decade: 61 games (61 starts)

Stats from the Decade: 89 games (89 starts); two fumble recoveries

“Phil Loadholt, I think, would be the right tackle. Although, Brian O’Neill, if he has another season like he had this year, I think he could definitely be that guy.” – Bercich

Stats from the Decade: 30 games (26 starts); one fumble recovery

Stats from the Decade: 66 games (66 starts)

“Kalil would be my left tackle. He’s the only offensive lineman the Vikings have had in the last decade that’s gone to the Pro Bowl. He had a good year [in 2012] and did well.” – Bercich

Stats from the Decade: 43 games (43 starts)

“I think left tackle, between Matt Kalil and Riley Reiff, deserves conversation. I’m going to go with Riley Reiff, who started four playoff games.” – Allen

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