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NFL investigators have not interviewed Antonio…

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NFL investigators have not interviewed Antonio...


NFL investigators have not interviewed Antonio Brown as part of the investigation into alleged sexual assault and rape, Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reports.

Brown is a free agent, so, as Fowler points out, it’s unclear whether he will cooperate.

However, no team seems willing to sign Brown until the NFL’s investigation is concluded and discipline, if any, is imposed. That could leave Brown with no other option but to cooperate if he wants to resume his career sooner than later.

Two days after the Patriots released him, Brown posted on social media he was done with the NFL. He later changed his mind.

The league announced it will not place Brown on the Commissioner-Exempt list as long as the receiver remains a free agent.

Brown, meanwhile, has filed multiple grievances and appeals, seeking in excess of $61 million he believes he is owed.

Report: NFL investigators have not interviewed Antonio Brown

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