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Mahomes tells Burrow not to worry about small…

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Mahomes tells Burrow not to worry about small...

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Former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, the favorite to be the first overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, had a good laugh today about his small hands. Then Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the reigning Super Bowl MVP, joined in.

Burrow, whose hands measured at only nine inches today at the Scouting Combine, jokingly tweeted that he might have to quit football because his hands are too small. Mahomes, whose hands measured only a little bigger at 9.25 inches when he was at the Combine, tweeted his approval at Burrow.

My small hands are doing alright so far….i believe in ya,” Mahomes wrote.

The reality is that hand measurement isn’t particularly meaningful in evaluating a quarterback prospect, and Burrow and Mahomes are right to laugh it off. If there were any problems with Burrow’s ability to hold a football, those problems would have been apparent on the field.

Mahomes tells Burrow not to worry about small hands

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