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House Hunter Denver: Phillip Lindsay ready to move…

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House Hunter Denver: Phillip Lindsay ready to move...

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Denver Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay has always said when “the time was right” and when “it made sense,” for him to take the plunge and buy his first house, he would move out of his parents’ home.

That day is on the horizon, Lindsay said in an appearance on Ian Rapoport’s podcast. He is now set to make the move.

“I was able to save some money for me to be able to get a place and also help myself out after getting a place,” Lindsay said on the podcast. “I just think it was the right choice to do right now. I definitely am going to move out and be an adult now.”

Lindsay has lived with his parents, Troy and Diane, in the family’s Aurora, Colorado, home since he was signed by the Broncos as an undrafted rookie just after the 2018 draft. Lindsay is the first player from the area’s middle school football program, sponsored by the Broncos, to eventually play for the team.

He graduated from South High School in Denver and played at the University of Colorado.

Lindsay had a $15,000 signing bonus as a rookie, earned a rookie minimum of $473,112 last season and, after rushing for 1,037 yards as well as being named to the Pro Bowl, earned another $201,519 from the league’s performance-based bonus program.

Lindsay, who leads the Broncos in carries, rushing yards and rushing touchdowns, has a base salary of $570,000. He said earlier this season he did look at homes and considered buying this past offseason. During training camp, he said, “I think after this season, maybe, we’ll see. I always think I need to save more.”


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