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Help this Dallas Cowboys fan win FanSided’s Fan of…

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Help this Dallas Cowboys fan win FanSided's Fan of...

A fan of the Dallas Cowboys, Mark Holmes, has been nominated for FanSided’s Fan of the Year award. And here’s how you can help him win it.

Anyone who is a fan of America’s Team knowns the Dallas Cowboys are the greatest sports franchise in the world. And that our members stretch far and wide across the globe. No matter where you are on Earth, there’s surely a Cowboy fan close by.

And that includes being in the heart of rival Washington Redskins’ country. And that’s where you’ll find the ultimate Cowboys fan, Mark Holmes. Born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, Holmes has been a Dallas fan since before the Cowboys won their first Super Bowl title in January of 1972. That’s how far back his love goes.

If you’ve ever searched for like-minded fans on YouTube, the name Mark Holmes should be familiar to you. He’s the host of the popular The Jobu Sports Report, which prominently features Cowboy Jobu, his version of the voodoo doll from the 1989 baseball movie, Major League. Holmes’ YouTube channel currently has 22.6K subscribers and growing.

Earlier this week it was announced that Holmes is one of five finalists for this year’s FanSided Fan of the Year award. For the fifth year in a row, FanSided has searched all of sporting fandom to find fans that strive to exhibit great Fansmanship. Those we represent their teams and its community in a positive and massive way.

As a finalist, Holmes is already receiving a feature on, a $100 gift card to Fanatics, a $100 gift certificate to the FanSided swag shop and a one-year subscription to Fubo.TV. But we all believe a true blue Cowboys fan deserves more, don’t we?

Here’s how you can help Mark win!

  1. Go to FanSided’s Fan of the Year Finalist page by clicking here.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Vote for Mark Holmes in the SurveyMonkey window. That’s it!

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FanSided’s Fan of the Year for 2019 will be selected on November 13th. The grand-prize winner will receive a $2,500 gift certificate to StubHub to make sure they can be there in person to cheer on their favorite team’s biggest moments. Let’s help make that winner a fan of America’s Team.

Help this Dallas Cowboys fan win FanSided’s Fan of the Year

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