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Dallas Cowboys embarrassing loss should mark end…

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Dallas Cowboys embarrassing loss should mark end...

The Dallas Cowboys suffered an embarrassing loss to the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving. And it should mark the end of the Jason Garrett era.

Earlier this week, Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones made it clear. He wanted head coach Jason Garrett to get it done. Yet, Garrett couldn’t get it done in front of a massive Thanksgiving Day audience on Thursday afternoon, as America’s Team was embarrassed by the Buffalo Bills in a loss, 26-15.

Following the Cowboys 13-9 loss to the New England Patriots last Sunday, Jones expressed his frustration to the media calling the defeat a significant setback. The 77-year old shared his disappointment in his coaching staff and a roster full of high-priced stars who are severely underperforming. Jones later confessed it was an attempt to inspire the team. It didn’t work.

Following his team’s poor performance at AT&T Stadium in front of a holiday audience, the dissatisfaction on display by Jerry Jones postgame figures to be at an all-time high. And although ESPN is reporting Garrett will keep his job for the rest of the season, it seems like a foregone conclusion his time in Dallas has come to an end.

But one thing is clear. These Cowboys are heading in the wrong direction. They’ve now lost three out of their last four games. Dallas has a record of 6-6 with the 5-6 Philadelphia Eagles playing the 2-9 Miami Dolphins this weekend. The Cowboys did defeat the Eagles back in Week Seven, so even if Philly wins on Sunday Dallas retains their slim led in the NFC East.

But the Cowboys have the 6-6 Chicago Bears and the 6-5 Los Angeles Rams on tap. And Dallas has yet to defeat a single team with a .500 record or greater this season. And under Garrett, there’s no reason to think things will change any time soon.

In the race for the division, the Eagles will face only teams with a current 2-9 records from here on out in the Dolphins, Washington Redskins, and the New York Giants (twice). That’s outside of the Cowboys themselves in a Week 16 matchup at Lincoln Financial Field. It’s easy to see Philadelphia taking the NFC East title away from Dallas if the team keeps up this damaging trend.

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The season has quickly gone south for the Dallas Cowboys. And the scapegoat figures to be head coach Jason Garrett at the end of another disappointing year. Yet, this latest loss should honestly be all the evidence Jerry Jones needs to move on. If getting a new voice in the locker room can inspire his players to victory over the last four weeks of the season, what’s the sense of waiting? The end of the Garrett era is already here.

Dallas Cowboys embarrassing loss should mark end of Jason Garrett era

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