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Can the Dallas Cowboys re-sign Robert Quinn?

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Can the Dallas Cowboys re-sign Robert Quinn?

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Having too much talent means you will be in a cap crunch. With a rejuvenated Robert Quinn needing a new contract, can the Dallas Cowboys re-sign him?

Having a very talented team has its benefits, but also has its downside. The Dallas Cowboys find themselves in a tough situation where many starters need new contracts. One of them is their quarterback, and another is defensive end, Robert Quinn.

They acquired Quinn this past offseason and he appears to have rejuvenated his career.  He is on the list of many players needing a new contract. Can and should the Cowboys re-sign him?

The Underrated Veteran

Before being signed to a one-year contract with the Cowboys, Quinn spent seven seasons with the Los Angeles Rams and one season with the Miami Dolphins. While he made two Pro Bowls and the first-team All-Pro once, his career has been better than it seems.

Other than his rookie year and the 2016 season, Quinn has averaged at least half a sack per game. He has also accumulated 10+ quarterback hits every season except for his injury-plagued 2015 and 2016 seasons.

Quinn has been known for how quick he is but has taken a step back due to his injuries in those two years. He would never return to his 19.0 sack, seven forced fumble, 52 tackle, and 32 tackle for loss, All-Pro form but he would continue to play well.

For Quinn, getting to the quarterback is second nature. He has 10+ quarterback hits in every season except for, you guessed it, the two seasons plagued by injuries.

It seems as if Quinn would play just a tier or two less than Pro Bowl-caliber whereas he would have an impact, but not truly get recognized for it around the league. He would not play well enough to be in the Pro Bowl conversation but still, have good seasons.

In his last season as a Ram in 2017, Quinn played 15 games, breaking the double-digit mark after not doing so for two consecutive years. That season saw him rack up 8.5 sacks, 32 tackles, two forced fumbles, and 12 quarterback hits.

Like previously referenced, just below Pro Bowl-caliber play. The next season would be a full one in Miami. There he had 6.5 sacks, 38 tackles, and 15 quarterback hits. Yet again just under Pro Bowl form.

So by his track record, he is at least a tier away from being a Pro Bowl player. At most, you can get an All-Pro that will keep opposing quarterbacks running for their lives.

Primetime money: Can the Dallas Cowboys re-sign Robert Quinn?

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