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6 likely coaching replacements for Jason Garrett

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6 likely coaching replacements for Jason Garrett

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Coming off their third straight loss, the future for Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett looks grim. Here are six candidates that might replace him.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for the spiraling Dallas Cowboys, they lose to a winless New York Jets team on Sunday afternoon, 24-22. The defeat was the worst of the season so far, and possibly the worst of head coach Jason Garrett‘s tenure in Dallas.

The Cowboys started the season strong, winning their first three games and were being touted as possible Super Bowl contenders as the top team in the NFC. Then came battles against the New Orleans Saints, the Green Bay Packers, and the lowly Jets. Three straight losses later and the 3-3 Cowboys are reaching laughing stock status.

On paper, the Cowboys are one of the most talented teams in the NFL. With multiple Pro Bowlers on both sides of the ball, there is no reason Dallas shouldn’t be running away with the NFC East. Instead, they will play the 3-3 Philadelphia Eagles next week for the right to stay atop of the division. But after their last three games, how could anyone have any confidence that the Cowboys will win that matchup … or any others in 2019?

The Cowboys front office has stocked this roster full of talent. And they’ve handed out lucrative contracts to several. These recent losses don’t appear to be a player issue as no one is talking about gutting this team of its stars and starting a rebuild. In fact, all signs point to one change being desperately needed. And that’s at the head coaching position.

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett enter this season, his 10th at the helm of America’s Team, without a contract beyond 2019. It was a clear sign that Garrett was on the hot seat. Although owner and general manager Jerry Jones would never admit that. Still, after the Cowboys shocking defeat at the hands of the winless Jets Sunday afternoon, you have to believe that seat is hotter than ever.

With the team’s bye week commencing after their divisional matchup against the Eagles next weekend, Garrett could be replaced by the month of November. If not, his future in Dallas doesn’t look good beyond 2019. The Cowboys could already be in search for their next head coaching candidate.

Here are six possible choices to replace Jason Garrett as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys …

Dallas Cowboys: 6 likely coaching replacements for Jason Garrett

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